Learnscapes is a website and app that brings science to the public- at the right time and at the right place.


the door to knowledge

Learnscapes gives you the backstage pass to fascinating details about the landscape and environment you are travelling thorough. All the latest in research and technology appears before your eyes.

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science front and centre

Learnscapes enhances visibility of scientific research , offering a new tool to scientist to bring their life's work to the public eye.

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landscape into an open-air museum

Learnscapes provides people with reliable scientific information about the places they visit, giving an added value to everyday landscapes. 

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About us

Learscapes is the brainchild of Ana Lucía, a young geologist and researcher of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, with a passion to understand landscapes, their history and dynamics.

The project was launched in November 2014 during Bolzano's  Startup Weekend where it took home both,  First Price and the Audience Award. The creative team is made of software developer Paolo Conci and UX designer Matteo Gratton.

Here is what people are saying
Rai Bolzano (from minute 16:40 to minute 28:30)

What we have done so far

For a year now we have been working hard to develop a functioning prototype. Now we are reaching out to scientists and science communicators to help fill the site with reliable and accurate content that is both, fascinating to read and easy to understand.

We are currently seeking for fundings to grow our knowledge-base of science communication and to develop the Learnscapes app.

Do you friends and family give you blank stares when you try to explain your research? 

Do you feel you are betraying your research when you have to “dumb it down”? 

In order to help scientist to deal with these questions, we organice the workshop: “Science and Storytelling: Explaining your science in a way everyone can understand” 

This workshop will help you by giving you the tools of the storytelling. If you are interested, we can organize this workshop on your institution

If you want to stay in the loop with the project’s development, you can follow us here:
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